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First DUI Offense in Arizona – Fight your 1st AZ Dui

If it is your first DUI offense Arizona, you need to act quickly. Since there are chances of your license being suspended and you being convicted, you should try to take all steps possible to beat the DUI charge. The state is well known for its stringent rules as far as DUI is concerned. Finding out everything about your rights will help you keep your license and also avoid jail. You have to remember that a conviction may have a bad influence on your professional licenses, insurance rates, security clearance and employment.

What happens if you are convicted for first DUI Offense Arizona?

If your luck has really run out then you have to serve jail time along with probation and license suspension, even on your first DUI. There are even worse things which can happen like having ignition interlock on your car, high fines and attending alcohol treatment classes. Although the first time you get caught for DUI may not seem very significant to you but it can have far reaching results on your life. If you are again arrested for drunk driving, then it will mean a sure jail term with other severe penalties.

Why You Should Act Quickly?

It is very important that you should act as soon as you are caught for the first DUI offense Arizona. In fact, you should ask to be heard for your license suspension within 15 days of your arrest. If you don’t turn up in the court on the due date then your license may be further suspended for another 90 days.

Usually, the court arraignment happens after 2-3 weeks of your arrest. This much of time will be necessary to study the case and be able to punch holes in the defense’s case. Delaying will only make you lose opportunities to take advantage of many of the loopholes in the case against you like the breath test and the traffic stop. You will not be able to negotiate for a lenient sentence for matters like reckless driving. You can also opt for an alcohol treatment plan before the hearing is due. This can greatly affect the decision of the judge after your first DUI offense Arizona.

Trying To Get a Dismissal

Many courts in Arizona have no place for DUI plea bargains and so you should concentrate more on getting your case dismissed. And you can also decide if you should plead guilty to the DUI charges or fight the case and let the prosecution prove you wrong. Since it is your first DUI offense Arizona, you need to strategize carefully.

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