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Beat Breathalyzer Test Results | Dismiss BAC Results

New methods of contesting breathalyzer results are being used to beat the breathalyzer test readings in court. More and more studies are showing that this instrument is not 100 percent accurate at measuring your blood alcohol content. For example, a recent study determined that breath readings vary at least 15 percent from actual blood alcohol levels. With so much room for error from these studies, how can the prosecuting state use the breathalyzer test as evidence?

An unfair judgment can be made from one of these inaccurate machines leaving you with a possible DUI conviction, thousands in fines, DUI classes, and a permanent spot on your record. Not to mention the loss of driving privileges. So your only option is to beat breathalyzer results in court with proven tactics.

If you took the BAC during a DUI stop then there are a number of things you need to challenge. Lets say you blew a 0.08 to 0.11; your last drink you had raised the bac reading just from the alcohol still in your mouth. You are suppose to be given a certain amount of time by the officer after your last drink before blowing in the roadside breathalyzer. If you blew in a roadside breathalyzer test then those readings are even more inaccurate. Maybe you just had a few drinks and got pulled over immediately (could be DUI entrapment). Those results are not accurate and should not be used in court. If you feel like you were mistreated during the arrest and not given proper instructions during the field sobriety test then you have an even better case to dismiss all DUI charges.

In order to beat the breathalyzer test results you will need a skilled DUI attorney who is experienced with challenging these breathalyzer tests. Putting all your hard earned money towards an attorney who is not familiar with these loopholes will get you extreme penalties issued from the court. We can provide you with a local DUI attorney who knows these laws and has a proven track record of beating DUI charges.

At Duirights.com we put forth the most useful and proven tactics that you need to beat your breathalyzer test results in court. The guide provided will make sure your lawyer is working hard for you without making any shortcuts like getting you a simple plea bargain. All the details of the arrest must be challenged and you must do your part and get equipped with all the necessary information on how to beat the breathalyzer test results.

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