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DUI Attorney in California

Hiring a DUI Attorney for a DUI in California

California DUI AttorneyIn 2012, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced that DUI fatalities were at their lowest since 2005. However, the 802 fatalities caused by drivers with blood-alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher in 2012 were 802 deaths too many and resulted in $5 billion in taxpayer subsidies. Individuals arrested for DUI with or without fatalities in California face extended suspension of the driver license, a variety of fines, and time behind bars. Avoiding conviction requires proving innocence, a task made easier by hiring a DUI lawyer.

Reasons to Hire a California DUI Attorney

California recently increased its penalties for DUI conviction, adding installation of ignition interlock devices to the list of penalties in four counties representing a total population of 13 million. Though positioned as a pilot program, this initiative is not likely to be repealed if it proves effective. Drivers convicted of DUI can find their lives altered for a long time so they should fight the charge.

An attorney is a strong weapon in battling a DUI charge and though a public defender may be free or very inexpensive, this type of lawyer is not usually the best choice. Public defenders rarely specialize in DUI matters and many of them prefer to settle rather than visit a courtroom. The sad truth is that many public defenders are far too overloaded to give any of their clients much attention.

DUI attorneys take a completely different approach to DUI cases. They delve into evidence from the DUI arrest and chemical testing, looking for errors and oversights. They also talk to experts about the case and ask these professionals to testify at DUI hearings regarding important points. With help from an experienced DUI Rights lawyer, a defendant may walk away from a hearing with a clear name and no penalties.

How to Find a California DUI Attorney

To begin the search for the best local DUI attorney, fill out the brief online form requesting a free case evaluation. After reviewing the case details, the attorney will make personalized recommendations and if retained, will build a strong defense against the charge.

Being guilty of DUI can be embarrassing but it does not eliminate your right to legal representation. Using a DUI Rights lawyer can help reduce fines, jail time, and other penalties. This will speed the route to a normal life and, hopefully, convince you to avoid the same mistake in the future.

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