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The Right to Counsel in DUI Cases

Finding a DUI attorney to represent you in court is the most important decision you will make. You must be aware that not all DUI/DWI attorneys are specialists in dismissing all DUI charges. If you plan on using a DUI lawyer who is not a DUI specialist then your chances of beating your DUI are extremely low. You will quickly find out that you have wasted thousands of dollars on an expensive lawyer that gets you supervision when a DUI Rights attorney can get it dismissed.

What You Should Know About Your Right to an Attorney

The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution outlines a criminal defendant’s right to an attorney. This amendment requires that all accused individuals have the “assistance of counsel” during any criminal prosecution, meaning a defendant has the right to be represented by an attorney during his or her trial. Additionally, this amendment outlines that if the offender cannot afford legal representation, the government is required to appoint a legal professional to handle the defendant’s case.

Since this is true for all criminal prosecutions, individuals also have a right to counsel in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases. Additionally, defendants have a right to counsel during all phases of their case, from when they are arrested to any appeals if they are convicted of any charges. For example, a suspect has the right to request counsel and refuse to answer any law enforcement questions when he or she is being interrogated during the open phases of any criminal case.

How an Attorney Assists an Offender in a DUI Criminal Case

The role of an attorney is very important in any and all criminal cases. This is especially true for those cases that have the possibility of the defendant facing jail time since it is difficult to put a price on someone’s freedom. While the specific duties of an attorney vary greatly from one case to the next, based heavily on the circumstances of the defendant’s case, there are some key responsibilities that any criminal defense lawyer needs to take on, including but not limited to the following:

  • Advising the defendant of his or her rights
  • Explaining to the defendant what to expect during the criminal process
  • Ensuring the defendant’s rights are not violated during the criminal process
  • Negotiating and explaining a plea bargain for the defendant
  • Investigating the facts of the defendant’s case
  • Presenting legal defenses
  • Cross-examining witnesses
  • Objecting to any improper lines of questioning

Standards for DUI Defense Attorneys

The Sixth Amendment has been interpreted in a manner that the “right to counsel” includes the “effective assistance” of an attorney. This means that attorneys are instructed to defend their client to the best of their abilities regardless if the client hired the legal professional or if the professional was appointed to the client by the government. It’s important to note, however, that serious legal errors or debatable strategic choices on behalf of the attorney does not mean the client’s case is automatically dismissed.

Take action now against the charges against you! Equip yourself with the knowledge and support of a DUI Rights Attorney in your local area. Your case will be evaluated by a qualified DUI Rights attorney who will formulate the best DUI Defense Strategy possible. Don’t just trust anyone to defend you in court. Rely on our proven track record and allow us to help you get a DUI Rights Lawyer to fight for you in the courtroom!

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  1. My appointed attorney would not even allow me in his office. Took me by the are, told me to be at court 15min early and just plead guity. Was not allowed to say a word.

  2. Listen I’m honest an can’t get not one person a lawyer to help me an isn’t there any lawyer that can help someone who got lied about not represented right bullied an just was treated like a piece of shit an I have pruff an I mean stuff that I can sew an gety life back they have me so fucked up an I can’t believe there not one lawyer will help me well I got a dui an I don’t drink an hot the blood test an they want me to get a ma home ony car Hell no I wasn’t drinking an I want to fight this

  3. I’m really relieved to know that a DUI attorney is available on call to represent defendants at all phases of the case. Should Uncle George get apprehended for driving while high on his CBD medication, which he ought to use for his terrible knee injury pain, and being tipsy at the same time, it would be good for him to simply state his name and address and shut up. Law enforcers wouldn’t prod him anymore once he asserts his right to call up his DUI lawyer to speak for him.

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