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What If I am Disabled and Forced to Take the Field Sobriety Test?

Police Forcing someone disabled to take the field sobriety test

After pulling a driver over for suspected DUI, a law enforcement official often administers several field sobriety tests, three of which are standard per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These tests intend to create probable cause for a DUI arrest and serve as evidence during prosecution. Results can be damning for anyone, particularly a …

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Will I Lose My Job after a DUI Arrest is Put on My Record?

Can you lose your job over a DUI DWI on your record

Driving under the influence is an offense that is placed on the criminal record upon conviction. Getting a DUI can have long-term consequences from an employment perspective. However, mistakes can be made during DUI arrests and a good defense lawyer will identify and point these out to the court. If a DUI arrest does not …

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What To Do After a DUI Arrest

What to do after a DUI Arrest Stop

You have just been pulled over for suspicion of DUI and the officer is approaching your car… what should you do? Thousands of people are faced with this question every day and night. Making a bad decision here could literally affect the rest of your life. Knowing how to handle this situation properly may just …

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