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How to Fight Depression and Embarrassment After a DUI Charge

Depression from a DUI

A DUI charge often results in more than license suspension, fines, and possible jail time. Many people feel embarrassed and ashamed after being charged with driving while intoxicated and some even slip into depression. Whether this is the first DUI charge or a repeat offense, the right approach can prevent feelings of shame from creeping …

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Why a Plea Bargain is Sometimes the Only Option for a DUI

Trial or Plea Bargain for DUI

Though the media portrays a different picture, most criminal cases never see the inside of a courtroom. Instead, the defendant enters a plea agreement or a plea bargain that determines the penalty for the crime. In many cases, a plea bargain places limitations on conviction or promises a particular sentence. Sometimes, plea bargaining is the …

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How Can I Get Out of a DUI?

Get Out of a DUI Charge

If you were recently arrested and charged with DUI, you are probably in shell shock right now. The fact that you are facing thousands of dollars in fines and possible jail time, as well as a license suspension, may only be the beginning of your problems if you are found guilty. If you depend on …

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How to Get Immediate Help for my DUI

Being pulled over and charged with DUI is scary but the consequences can be downright traumatic. DUI offenders should not become paralyzed with fear but instead take action immediately. The Internet is filled with information about DUI and how to deal with it but consulting a specialized DUI attorney is the most effective way to …

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