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How Can DUIRights.com Help with My DUI Case?

DUI Rights HelpMost DUI cases are not open and shut. Errors are commonly made by the arresting officer, breath test devices, and laboratory technicians processing blood and urine tests. Realizing this, what is the best way to proceed after being arrested for DUI? We recommend consulting DUIRights.com to learn more about the DUI process and find a reputable and experienced local DUI attorney.

Knowledge is Power

Information is a powerful weapon in a DUI case. Knowing the proper way to administer field sobriety and breath tests puts drivers in better positions if they are pulled over for suspected DUI. Understanding how breath-testing devices should be calibrated and maintained helps drivers understand relevant police documents commonly subpoenaed by their attorneys to expose faulty equipment. Being aware of the components of a police report makes it easier for drivers to identify bias and oversights.

Legal expertise is a higher level of knowledge than the average person possesses. A DUI attorney who has been practicing for years is full of this knowledge and uses it to defend clients against first or repeat DUI charges. Good DUI lawyers pass some of this expertise to their clients by providing clear and concise explanations of DUI charges and court procedures.

Getting Started with Us

When visiting DUIRights.com for the first time, browse the information available to learn more about what first, second, and third DUIs entail. Read about common DUI arrest tactics including illegal stops for DUI that open the door to contest the charge. Get educated regarding typical DUI defense strategies that can help win your case. Then, complete a short online form to request a free DUI arrest evaluation from one of our skilled DUI lawyers.

Few words sound sweeter to someone charged with DUI than “free” when associated with legal advice. Our affiliated attorneys will review your case and advise you regarding the best way to proceed. Listen carefully because this guidance could help you avoid expensive fines, license suspension, and jail time. Finally, decide whether to retain one of these attorneys to represent you during the DUI hearing.

Hindsight is 20-20, so think carefully before heading to court for a DUI trial without expert legal representation. At DUIRights.com, we assist with everything from explaining the legal jargon relevant to a DUI case to matching you with the best lawyer for the situation. With all of this at no charge, we truly are the best deal around.

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