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Will I Lose My Job after a DUI Arrest is Put on My Record?

Can you lose your job over a DUI DWI on your record

Driving under the influence is an offense that is placed on the criminal record upon conviction. Getting a DUI can have long-term consequences from an employment perspective. However, mistakes can be made during DUI arrests and a good defense lawyer will identify and point these out to the court. If a DUI arrest does not …

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How a DUI Can Cause Depression

DUI affects the pocketbook and can affect employment. However, the most severe consequence of a DUI conviction may be unseen. Being convicted of driving under the influence can be emotionally draining and over the long-term, could result in depression. Whether the driver injured or killed another individual or is simply in denial or shock that …

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What Steps to Take to Keep My License After a DUI Arrest

Steps to Take to Keep My License After a DUI Arrest

Drivers pulled over and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) may immediately lose their licenses. If they do not request a hearing, their driving privileges may be suspended for 30 days or longer. To prevent the license from being confiscated by the arresting officer, a driver should follow several steps. License Confiscation During DUI …

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