What If I am Disabled and Forced to Take the Field Sobriety Test?

Disabled Field Sobriety TestAfter pulling a driver over for suspected DUI, a law enforcement official often administers several field sobriety tests, three of which are standard per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These tests intend to create probable cause for a DUI arrest and serve as evidence during prosecution. Results can be damning for anyone, particularly a driver with a disability.

Truths about Field Sobriety Testing

Many drivers think that they can pass field sobriety tests but the truth is that failure is the natural result. Some drivers are so brazen as to refuse to take these tests. Though many states do not have laws requiring a driver to submit to field sobriety testing, courts interpret the regulations as granting police officers the right to require drivers to perform these tests. Refusal provides evidence for the state and courts usually interpret refusal as an admission of intoxication.

Disabled Drivers and Field Sobriety Tests

What about drivers who are disabled? Are they expected to perform the standardized one-leg stand, horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn, and other field sobriety tests even if their disabilities would prevent them from passing? Many states have exceptions for these individuals. However, the onus is on the driver to immediately bring the disability to the attention of the law enforcement official.

Prosecutors in DUI cases focus on mental and physical impairments of drivers. Though intoxication may cause physical impairment, so can certain disabilities. Field sobriety tests are inherently subjective, notwithstanding other factors such as a disability. Being disabled only increases the subjectivity and may prevent an individual from passing some or all of these tests. Skilled lawyers have successfully challenged field sobriety test results based on test taker disabilities.

Take Action

Before taking any field sobriety tests, drivers should tell law enforcement officials about their disabilities. During training, officers learn that certain individuals should not take field sobriety tests. Included are people with hip and back injuries and individuals with mental impairments. Testing will result in a false positive, but this does not stop some officers. They trick drivers into taking the tests and the rest is usually bad for the drivers.

Experts claim that there is a 99 percent chance of a DUI arrest following a car stop, regardless of the results of field sobriety testing. Even so, disabled drivers should think carefully about submitting to these tests and if forced to do so should immediately contact a DUI attorney. DUIRights.com makes this easy to do through its free online DUI arrest evaluation form.

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2 thoughts on “What If I am Disabled and Forced to Take the Field Sobriety Test?”

  1. Calif CHP and Nevada County DA proscuting me would not list even tried to give my paperwork fors sevice dog to CHP officer They do not care only after money I will not plead Guilty Have been Disabled for 8 years with mobilty issue No body in the State Disabilty help org has help they just say we do not do criminal since when is it a cream to be diabled!!!!!!! hopw someone will help you good luck

  2. I am a 50 year old disabled female with both physical and mental disabilities and I’ve had them most of my life. I was pulled over in Carson City Nevada I was told that he pulled me over due to a broken out window on my car covered in plastic as Law permits and fastened securely I just received the vehicle and the back window was broken out by robbers. I was on my way to the DMV to get registration for this vehicle and was informed by the DMV online services to take the plates off because when someone sells a car they take the plates so I did take them off. he said that’s why he pulled me over all of a sudden he’s asking me if I’m high on marijuana when was the last time I smoked and to get out of the car he didn’t for me he called someone to perform at field sobriety test at that point I informed both of them several times that I am disabled with mental and physical disabilities I even use a cane and take medications he asked my husband in the car worse hurricane he said right there he did not retrieve it for me even though asking me would you like your cane and I said yes. When I know I passed the field sobriety test he then began accusing me of being on methamphetamine. They claimed I did not pass I told them I could not walk a straight line I cannot stand on one foot I could not have a pain right at my nose between my eyes and focus on it without my eyeballs freaking out I wear glasses they were in the car he did not retrieve them. I told him that I had smoked marijuana which is legal… hours and hours ago I would never get in a car and drive impaired. He questioned my husband my husband concurred everything that I was saying I was not impaired I volunteered for a blood test because they said if I didn’t I was guilty and I was going down so I volunteered my blood which they hurt me very badly when they did it it was supposed to be a test for marijuana to find out what the levels were at, at the time of my driving not for drugs …. so because he couldn’t really now me for the marijuana which I think they’re on a big campaign to try to do to get it out loud again or whatever they were going to get me for something anything that’s in my system I was arrested I was never read my rights I wasn’t booked in till almost 2 days later and I wasn’t given the phone call they said the phones were broke. I have never ever washed into a dispensary and bought marijuana since it’s legal I have not gone it from a doctor since it has been legal or otherwise I do not purchase it off the street I very rarely smoke or ingest marijuana although I am in constant pain opioids are not helping with my pain so I do not take those either unless I absolutely have to I felt like I was set up I felt like someone smelled maybe marijuana and saw me smoking a cigarette that was a rolly and call the cops on me as matter fact I do this exactly what happened so if any be out there is a lawyer and then went really good case here I’ve got one because there’s a lot more to this story oh and by the way I didn’t have insurance or registration or plates or anything on this car cuz I just got it I didn’t get cited or fined or nothing for that he was after me for one reason and one reason only and I was all due to someone that was not minding his own business and is hurt me greatly hang a disabled American and a female on top of it and having a hard time already Patrick Lee has ruined my life I lose my license over this stupid stuff then imma be imma be a mentally hurt and depressed unit all over again


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