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What if the Police Officer Lied on the Police Report?

DUI Police ReportPolice officers make mistakes and sadly, some mistakes are intentional. We have only to look at the January 2014 DUI arrest of Justin Bieber. The arresting officer claimed to smell alcohol on Bieber’s breath and said that Bieber appeared to be impaired. To support this, law enforcement officials told the media that Bieber had a much higher blood-alcohol content than he did.

False Claims on the Report

After making a car stop for a suspected DUI, a police officer observes the scene and behavior of the driver. In an attempt to justify a car stop, the officer may claim that the driver’s breath smelled like alcohol, including this in the police report. However, what gives alcohol its “smell” is the flavoring used and this cannot serve as proof of blood-alcohol content or justify an arrest.

The police report usually includes a detailed narrative by the arresting officer. Reading through this, a defendant may be shocked by reports that he or she was staggering, exhibited slurred speech, and even seemed to fall over. This written account may be drastically different from what the officer told the individual during the car stop. As a result, a defendant tends to become confused and wonders what went wrong.

Refuting the Report

Since the police report can be one of the most harmful pieces of evidence in a DUI case, it should be taken seriously. The best way to defend against these written claims is to retain a skilled DUI attorney who will challenge the credibility and statements made by the arresting officer. A good lawyer is the best weapon in defending a DUI charge and the legal advocates at DUIRights.com match individuals charged with DUI with the best attorneys in this field.

Each piece of condemning evidence in the police report must be overcome by the DUI attorney. This may include claims of impaired appearance and behavior as well as results of chemical testing of the blood, urine, or breath. Experienced DUI attorneys understand that police reports often include harsh observations and know that officers base their testimony on these reports.

During a hearing, the DUI attorney may present witnesses who refute claims made in the police report and provide evidence that questions the accuracy of chemical and field sobriety tests. The lawyer may also call upon the client to provide testimony that contradicts statements made in the police report. A good DUI lawyer is often able to uncover lies that police officers include in arrest reports and have the DUI charge dropped.

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6 thoughts on “What if the Police Officer Lied on the Police Report?”

  1. I was accused of driving and totalling vehicle. There was an investigation that shows I was not the driver. I am getting sued and somehow it is my fault. There was a court date I never heard of. How can this slip through the system. The toxicology report I feel can be used against me. Shouldn’t matter what was in my system because I’m over age and was not driving. What do I do?

    • Hi Victoria, are you the owner of the vehicle and who exactly is suing you? What about DUI charges? Those will be separate cases in court. I would consult with a DUI attorney immediately and find out what they can do to prove you were not driving. They might even have to go to trial.

  2. April 29th at 8:58 p.m. I was involved in an accident I’m supposed to be driving one but he got down and I’m driving one and driving to and now I’m going with my license because it’s cop don’t know how to do his report right

  3. The police officer contradicts himself on the police report of an accident that I was involved in how do I keep from losing my license because he kind of did yourself he’s as I’m driving one and I’m driving too how can I happen

  4. Officer was called for help to an incoherent person. But was immediately arrested and 302ed. Is that allowed in pa?


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