Will I Have to Attend DUI Classes or DUI School?

If arrested, charged, and convicted of a DUI, you may be required to complete DUI classes or DUI school. While this is not required in all states, it is becoming the norm rather than the exception, especially in the case of repeat offenders. You may also be given the opportunity to lessen the impact of DUI penalties and fines by volunteering to attend these classes.

What are DUI Classes?

While most will consider these classes punishment, they are actually designed to make drivers more aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. Instructors will combine lectures and film to drive home the impact drinking and driving has not only the driver, but also the innocent victims, including family, friends, and anyone that is unfortunate enough to be involved in a DUI accident simply because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some programs will also provide mandatory or voluntary counseling as part of the DUI classes. This can be critical for some people, especially those that do not realize they have a problem. Being able to discuss your problems and/or how you use alcohol to deal with these problems can be a real revelation for some individuals.

How Long Do DUI Classes Last?

As with state laws, every DUI class is different. The specific type of class and/or counseling as well as the violation itself determines the length anyone is required to attend classes.

  • First time offenders – the classes for first time DUI offenders are generally about 3 months long with about 36 hours of actual class work. This is usually spread out over weekly periods, with one or two classes per week. The classes are actually designed so as not to create too much disruption on your daily life.
  • Repeat offenders – beginning with second time offenders, classes may be longer and spread out over various weeks, sometimes relying on the input of a counselor for completion. For third offenses or more, these programs can last multiple years, requiring monthly “check-ins” for completion. It is common for blood tests to be done randomly for repeat offenders.

Since most states will require the convicted to pay for their own DUI classes, you may want to consider hiring a local DUI attorney to fight the charges, or at least try to plead them out to lesser charges. In most cases, having to attend classes can be reduced or eliminated with a plea bargain. For more information about DUI classes and to find a local attorney for your case, please Fill Out the Free DUI Arrest Evaluation Form!

7 thoughts on “Will I Have to Attend DUI Classes or DUI School?”

  1. hello I have 2 dui the first offence I went to school and completed the 6 month progam. and got my licence back . the second dui was about 20 to 22 years ago I do not have to go to court. after a so many years can you just pay the dmv fines and fees and get you licence back. after the second dui I have no other citation or tickets.

    • Hello Josh or Mr Goodwin
      This is my second D U I and its been 7 years the other one gotten reduced to reckless auto , whatever how u say it.. So I’m just wondering if your lawyer went all the way with you? because that’s what my lawyer asked? can you please contact me.
      Thank you for your time.

  2. my last dui was about 20 years ago and I been clean ever sense. isn,t there a statue of limitation or so many years that you pay the fine and dmv and get your licence back

  3. I got a drink in 2004 went court and after it was overy I didn’t do anything to try and get my license back until now they reviewed my driving record and took everything off except the due I got 12and a half year ago they say I got to do a 90 day program statue of limitations is 10years so why do I have to do the program I know people that gotten there back after 10years and they didn’t do any program can you help please to yu

  4. I pad and attended DUI classes in Alton Il. $1500.00 dollars and 72 hours. After I graduated I ask them to send me my paper several times. They said they would hold them until I was ready to get my license back. They would get them back for a charge. That makes me mad! Five years later, I can not even find these people.. I need my license back. The woman was from Milaisa, or somewhere.. Can you help me? I would like to sue the crap out of them. They cannot hold your papers ransom.. truthfully Christy Piel

  5. l live out of Raton new mexico i got a DUI in clorado i need help so i can get my drivers licenes back. it been already 6 years since i got arrest in colorado. I finished my community service and also I completed my Fines all i need is my classes its been six years already since then i have been just waiting i need help. Vincent Martinez

  6. hello after a dui in floida 23 years ago,i left and came back recently and DMV told me i have to attend dui school are there any time limits concerning this,


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