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Have you recently been pulled over and cited for a Bernalillo County DUI Offense in New Mexico? If you’ve just been charged with this offense it’s absolutely critical that you learn how to protect not only your freedom but your driving privilege, future employment opportunities, auto insurance payments and criminal record as well. More importantly there is immediate action you can take to save your license and then minimize the damage done to your personal life so that you will be be able to clear the Bernalillo County DUI from your record completely.

Your biggest key to dismissing your DUI charges in a Bernalillo County courtroom is by using an experienced DUI lawyer. Many attorneys will make a simple plea bargain without completely examining your case down to every specific detail concerning your arrest. Do not make the mistake of settling for an average attorney who will put forth the bare minimum effort to completely dismiss all DUI charges.

Law Office of Salim Khayoumi Capabilities and Strengths:

  • Fast and Effective DUI Dismissals
  • Prevention of License Suspension
  • Detailed Analysis of DUI Arrest and Testing Errors
  • Dedicated Personal Attention From Start to Finish

You need a real Dui Attorney who will treat you with the respect you deserve and give you the greatest chance of putting this whole mess behind you quickly and effectively. The Law Office of Salim Khayoumi is highly skilled in challenging all crucial errors made by the arresting officer and station. Salim’s greatest asset is his attention to detail which provides you with the highest assurance of top notch DUI Defense tactics. Get the Law Office of Salim Khayoumi to fight your DUI Charges and protect your future, job security, and driving privileges now!

Protect your rights and learn how to get your Bernalillo County Dui charges dismissed. Get Started Now by filling out the Free Dui Arrest Evaluation form to contact the Law Office of Salim Khayoumi Now!

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