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DUI Rights in Alaska – Alaska DWI Help

Alaska DWI charges can be reduced to a lesser charge or dropped in court. Learn how by filling out the FREE DUI Evaluation form and get help for your Alaska DWI.

After being stopped and arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Alaska an individual can have a lot of questions. What penalties will I face? Will I go to jail? Is there a chance of getting my charges dropped or reduced? Do I need a lawyer? How will this affect my future?

Penalties for DUI in the State of Alaska

DUI laws and penalties are different from one state to the next. Alaska and a number of other states enforce minimum jail sentences and license suspension periods based on the number of previous offenses of an Alaska DUI and individual may have:

  • First Offense:
    • Minimum 72 Hours in Jail
    • $1,500 Fine
    • Minimum 90 Day License Suspension
  • Second Offense:
    • Minimum 20 Days in Jail
    • $3,000 Fine
    • Minimum 1 Year License Suspension
  • Third Offense
    • 60 to 120 Days in jail
    • Fines Between $4,100 and $10,000
    • Minimum 3 Year License Suspension

Additionally, convicted Alaska DUI offenders may face these extra penalties:

  • Having to take medication to prevent alcohol consumption while in prison or on probation
  • Convicted Alaska DUI offenders on probation cannot operate a motor vehicle without the use of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and the installation and maintenance of the IID must be paid for by the offender
  • As a condition of probation, the court may order a screening, drug and alcohol evaluation, referral, and program requirements as part of an alcohol safety action program

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Having Alaska DUI Charges Reduced


Not all states allow plea bargaining for DUI charges, but Alaska does. It is possible for offenders to have their charge reduced to something less serious, such as a charge of “wet reckless.” “Wet reckless” is a reckless driving charge where alcohol is indicated to be involved. The penalties for reckless driving and even “wet reckless” are less harsh than DUI and do not carry as much weight as a DUI charge.

Alaska DUI Defense Tactics

No matter how guilty you may think you were at the time of the arrest, we want you to know one important thing: There is ALWAYS an aggressive and effective Alaska DWI defense that will help you fight for the best possible outcome. In our experience, many officers do not follow proper field sobriety test procedures. In fact, challenging probable cause and the way Alaska field sobriety tests, blood tests and breath tests were administered is often a successful strategy to reduce or drop the charges.

In order to properly fight an Alaska DUI conviction, is it important to enlist the help of an experienced Alaska DUI rights attorney. A lawyer will be able to review the Alaska DUI case and let you know the possible outcomes as well as the possibility for having the charges dropped or reduced to something less serious.

DUI Rights Attorneys in Alaska

There are certain things that people should do themselves but defending themselves at a DUI trial is not one of them. Contrary to popular belief, a good DUI attorney is not always expensive and the return on investment can be huge. An initial DUI conviction in Alaska costs almost $25,000 and subsequent convictions cost even more. Not to mention that even an initial conviction may require time in jail. Think of an experienced DUI lawyer as a secret weapon against a DUI charge by limiting or eliminating associated penalties.

Why Retain an Alaska DWI Attorney

After being charged with a crime, including DUI, an individual has a right to legal representation appointed by the court system. Referred to as a public defender, this individual is a real lawyer but he or she does not have a legal specialty. Many public defenders are new lawyers with limited experience going to trial.

A DUI lawyer, on the other hand, handles DUI cases on a regular basis and has trial experience. It may not cost much more to retain this specialized attorney than it would to use a public defender (court-appointed lawyers are not always free). The benefit of a strong legal defense can greatly outweigh the costs.

A DUI attorney knows which types of evidence the judge and prosecution consider important and presents this convincingly during a trial. An experienced DUI lawyer has a network of expert witnesses who help refute evidence presented by the prosecution, strengthening the defense. An individual charged with DUI is not usually aware of common DUI arrest mistakes and does not have experience preparing a strong case for court. A good DUI lawyer assists with this and much more, helping to limit DUI penalties.

Finding a DUI Attorney in Alaska

The outcome of a DUI case often hinges on how experienced the defense counsel is so choose a DUI attorney carefully. Start by completing and submitting the Free DUI Arrest Evaluation form. We will locate a local DUI attorney who will evaluate the DUI case at no charge and recommend how to proceed. After listening to this advice, schedule a follow-up consultation to begin working on a defense to the charge.

Services rendered by a DUI attorney prove valuable even when a DUI offender is undeniably guilty. The lawyer will fast-track the case and may be able to reduce fines and jail sentences. Begin dealing with a DUI charge today by submitting a DUIRights.com DUI case evaluation. The DUI will soon be a distant memory and life will get back to normal.

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