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How to Protect Your Rights During a DUI Stop

It is probably safe to assume that most people do not intentionally get behind the wheel while intoxicated. They have a drink or two after work and think they are fine to head home. Or, maybe they have more than a few but think their body weight or history of drinking enables them to handle … Read more

Do DUI Attorneys Have Payment Plans?

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, you could be facing some severe financial penalties. If you plan to fight the charges, you can also expect to accumulate some legal fees. Without having financial means or a significant “rainy day” fund, your night out on the town could put you in danger … Read more

Should you plead guilty to a DUI?

DUI lawyers field a lot of questions regarding car stops, testing, and legal proceedings. One of the most common questions these attorneys receive is whether an individual should plead guilty to DUI. Before entering any type of plea, individuals charged with DUI should understand the potential consequences. We provide some general information below but recommend … Read more

Are There Pro Bono Lawyers for a DUI Case?

Attorneys specialize in different areas of the law and each charges different rates for services. While some lawyers charge enough to bankrupt their clients, others do not charge a penny unless they win the case (and some never charge a cent). Are “pro bono” lawyers available to DUI offenders and if so, how can they … Read more

Getting a DUI While Taking Xanax or Other Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs may have side effects, which should be clearly displayed on their containers and accompanying fact sheets. Unfortunately, many patients ignore this information and even those who are attentive can find themselves in uncomfortable situations. While most DUI charges involve alcohol or illegal drugs, some stem from use of prescription drugs that impair driving … Read more

What Are My Rights When Pulled Over for a DUI?

Being pulled over for a DUI can be a very scary experience. In addition to the obvious points, you could face jail time, heavy fines, and possibly lose your license for an extended period of time. If you are pulled over, you need to be aware of your rights as well as what you should … Read more

What if This is My Third DUI Offense?

Operating a motor vehicle while having a blood-alcohol concentration of at least 0.08 percent is against the law in this country. State of residence determines the consequences of a DUI conviction, with potential penalties including fines, loss of driving privileges, probation, and time in jail. Subsequent DUI convictions have more severe penalties so if this … Read more

How Much Is a DUI Attorney Going to Cost?

One thing is for sure, if you have been arrested for a DUI, you are more than likely facing some stiff fines and penalties. In addition to these costs, you will also have to pay attorney fees and possibly for the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device. While your fines and fees for the device … Read more

Do I Really Need a DUI Attorney in Court?

If you are facing your first DUI charge, you have probably already started your search for an attorney. However, you may not actually need an attorney for a first time DUI, depending upon the course of action you plan on taking. Let’s take a quick look at the options available to DUI defendants. Are You … Read more

Does a DUI Require Mandatory DUI Classes?

Each state creates its own DUI laws and penalties but some consequences are common across states. Alabama, California, Kentucky, and Maine are among the many states that require both alcohol education and treatment/assessment for individuals convicted of DUI. Other states including Delaware and Kansas require participation in one program or the other but not both. … Read more

Can a DUI Lawyer Get Me Out of a DUI?

Being arrested for a DUI can be a scary experience, but it does not necessarily mean that you are going to jail or paying heavy fines. Consulting with an experienced DUI attorney and you just may find out that the case against you is not quite as strong as it seemed. There are several ways … Read more

Top Mistakes Police Make During a DUI Arrest

Stopping an individual for suspected driving under the influence (DUI) sets in motion a chain of events that can result in fines, license suspension, and jail time. Though police officers are trained in the DUI arrest process, many make mistakes. By exposing these errors, a DUI attorney refutes the credibility of the officer and/or the … Read more

What To Do After a DUI Arrest

You have just been pulled over for suspicion of DUI and the officer is approaching your car… what should you do? Thousands of people are faced with this question every day and night. Making a bad decision here could literally affect the rest of your life. Knowing how to handle this situation properly may just … Read more

How Much Will I Pay for DUI Fines for a First DUI Offense?

Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) can cost you in many ways. There is the embarrassment of making such a careless mistake and the affect a DUI can have on future employment opportunities. There are also monetary consequences, including increased auto insurance premiums and fines imposed by the court. Even an initial DUI … Read more

Do You Have to Take a Field Sobriety Test?

When drivers are pulled over for suspected DUI, they may be subjected to field sobriety tests. A vehicle stop can be unnerving so drivers do not always think clearly regardless of whether they have consumed any alcohol. Many drivers go along with field sobriety testing because they believe it is mandatory. This is not true, … Read more

Will I Have to Attend DUI Classes or DUI School?

If arrested, charged, and convicted of a DUI, you may be required to complete DUI classes or DUI school. While this is not required in all states, it is becoming the norm rather than the exception, especially in the case of repeat offenders. You may also be given the opportunity to lessen the impact of … Read more

How to Fight Depression and Embarrassment After a DUI Charge

A DUI charge often results in more than license suspension, fines, and possible jail time. Many people feel embarrassed and ashamed after being charged with driving while intoxicated and some even slip into depression. Whether this is the first DUI charge or a repeat offense, the right approach can prevent feelings of shame from creeping … Read more

Can you beat a DUI on a technicality?

A DUI charge is scary but it does not always stick. People charged with driving under the influence have beaten this charge and gone on to live normal lives. Though some evidence may be irrefutable, cases have been won based on legal technicalities. Determine whether one of these applies and then retain a reputable DUI … Read more

Did the Arresting Officer Force You to do Field Sobriety Tests?

As soon as a driver sees the flashing lights on the police car, worry sets in. By the time the officer approaches the car, the driver is panic-stricken. Everything after that tends to be a blur. Events that transpire between a DUI stop and arrest are extremely important so drivers should keep their wits about … Read more

What Are My Rights During a DUI Checkpoint?

It is now common practice across the country for law enforcement to have DUI checkpoints during expected “drinking” holidays. Occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, July 4 Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend are prime examples of when you will see a significant amount of DUI checkpoints. So, if you … Read more

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