Frequently Asked Questions

I Was Just Charged with a DUI – What Do I Do Now?

Your life may have been changed forever. Being stopped for a DUI is a very serious offense. Guilty or not, you have some big decisions to make about how to handle your case. We realize that this is a scary time and that your mind is racing, which is why we have put together a … Read more

How Can Help with My DUI Case?

Most DUI cases are not open and shut. Errors are commonly made by the arresting officer, breath test devices, and laboratory technicians processing blood and urine tests. Realizing this, what is the best way to proceed after being arrested for DUI? We recommend consulting to learn more about the DUI process and find a … Read more

What If My Miranda Rights Were Not Read During the DUI Arrest?

Watch enough TV and you could be under the impression that if you are not Mirandized, you simply walk away from the crime. While there are always exceptions to every rule, generally speaking, this is not the case. However, when your rights are not read to you, some of the evidence collected can be thrown … Read more

How to Fight Depression and Embarrassment After a DUI Charge

A DUI charge often results in more than license suspension, fines, and possible jail time. Many people feel embarrassed and ashamed after being charged with driving while intoxicated and some even slip into depression. Whether this is the first DUI charge or a repeat offense, the right approach can prevent feelings of shame from creeping … Read more

What Steps to Take to Keep My License After a DUI Arrest

Drivers pulled over and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) may immediately lose their licenses. If they do not request a hearing, their driving privileges may be suspended for 30 days or longer. To prevent the license from being confiscated by the arresting officer, a driver should follow several steps. License Confiscation During DUI … Read more

Will My Job Find Out About My DUI?

If you have been arrested, charged, and convicted of a DUI, it is understandable that you may be concerned about your job. Depending upon the type of job and/or the company’s policies, being arrested could result in immediate dismissal. So, the question is, will your boss find out if you are arrested for a DUI? … Read more

How Can You Get a DUI with Just Your Keys in the Ignition?

A man goes to a bar, has some alcoholic drinks, leaves, and gets into his car. However, instead of starting the car and driving home intoxicated, he falls asleep behind the wheel before turning the key in the ignition. A few hours later, he is awakened by a police officer and charged with driving while … Read more

What Happens if You Refuse to Take a Field Sobriety Test?

Being pulled over for suspected driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a stressful situation. Many drivers panic when in this position for the first time. Since they have little or no knowledge of relevant laws, they may go along with whatever the law enforcement officer asks. However, some know their … Read more

What Are My Rights When Pulled Over for a DUI?

Being pulled over for a DUI can be a very scary experience. In addition to the obvious points, you could face jail time, heavy fines, and possibly lose your license for an extended period of time. If you are pulled over, you need to be aware of your rights as well as what you should … Read more

Can I Go To Jail for a First Time DUI Offense?

A DUI conviction carries several penalties including fines and temporary driver license suspension. In certain situations, an initial DUI conviction can result in jail time. Jail is usually the last place anyone wants to end up, so understand the consequences of DUI before getting behind the wheel. If charged with driving under the influence, learn … Read more

Did the Arresting Officer Force You to do Field Sobriety Tests?

As soon as a driver sees the flashing lights on the police car, worry sets in. By the time the officer approaches the car, the driver is panic-stricken. Everything after that tends to be a blur. Events that transpire between a DUI stop and arrest are extremely important so drivers should keep their wits about … Read more

Will I Lose My Job after a DUI Arrest is Put on My Record?

Driving under the influence is an offense that is placed on the criminal record upon conviction. Getting a DUI can have long-term consequences from an employment perspective. However, mistakes can be made during DUI arrests and a good defense lawyer will identify and point these out to the court. If a DUI arrest does not … Read more

Does a DUI Require Mandatory DUI Classes?

Each state creates its own DUI laws and penalties but some consequences are common across states. Alabama, California, Kentucky, and Maine are among the many states that require both alcohol education and treatment/assessment for individuals convicted of DUI. Other states including Delaware and Kansas require participation in one program or the other but not both. … Read more

What is the Best Way to Get Help After a DUI?

After being arrested for driving under the influence, or DUI, feeling ashamed and alone is a common reaction. Many people do not want to tell their friends and coworkers that they have been charged with DUI due to the stigma it carries. Some experience feelings of despair and hopelessness due to potential suspension of the … Read more

Is the Ignition Interlock Device Mandatory if Arrested for DUI?

An ignition interlock device, or IID, is a mechanism installed in the dashboard of a motor vehicle. Designed for use by individuals convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), an IID measures breath-alcohol concentration and determines whether it exceeds a preprogrammed blood-alcohol concentration. If the measurement is over the threshold, the IID prevents the vehicle … Read more

How a DUI Can Cause Depression

DUI affects the pocketbook and can affect employment. However, the most severe consequence of a DUI conviction may be unseen. Being convicted of driving under the influence can be emotionally draining and over the long-term, could result in depression. Whether the driver injured or killed another individual or is simply in denial or shock that … Read more

How Can I Keep My License Just for Work after a DUI Charge?

Being charged with DUI puts the driver license at risk of suspension. Either the state department of motor vehicles or the court can suspend the license for a lengthy period of time. DUI laws in many states permit 90-day suspension periods, one year for a second offense, and as long as three years for a … Read more

Top 5 DUI Defense Tactics to Use in a Court Case

Being at the defense table during a trial is not usually fun. Defendants often find themselves fighting uphill battles, particularly in cases regarding driving under the influence (DUI). Though DUI trials have much in common with jury trials for traffic tickets, they are more complex and emotions tend to run high due to the nature … Read more

Can You Beat a DUI Without an Attorney?

Money is tight these days and for anyone charged with a DUI, finances can quickly become much tighter due to associated fines. Spending money to retain a lawyer is the last thing many people can afford. Is a lawyer needed to fight a DUI charge and win? The answer is not clear-cut, so weigh the … Read more

Are DUI Checkpoints Illegal and Should I Refuse to Answer All Questions?

DUI checkpoints have been around for many years. Many people will look at these types of roadblocks as a way for law enforcement intimidating the public into forced behavior. In this case, preventing people from drinking and driving. While we obviously do not condone drinking and driving, we also do not want to see anyone … Read more

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