Can You Beat a DUI Without an Attorney?

DUI without AttorneyMoney is tight these days and for anyone charged with a DUI, finances can quickly become much tighter due to associated fines. Spending money to retain a lawyer is the last thing many people can afford. Is a lawyer needed to fight a DUI charge and win? The answer is not clear-cut, so weigh the pros and cons of legal representation before proceeding.

First Time Offenders

For a first DUI offense, a lawyer may not be necessary. Some people proceed without hiring DUI attorneys because their cases do not involve aggravating circumstances or a blood alcohol content over .12. Others who believe that they will be convicted due to high blood alcohol content or reckless driving may plead guilty and they do not need a lawyer to proceed this way.

However, even in these situations, legal advice may be useful and it could affect how someone charged with DUI pleads. Lawyers specializing in DUI cases can navigate administrative aspects and the court system with ease, reducing the burden. They are very familiar with state DUI laws and associated penalties and explain these in a way that first-time offenders will understand. A DUI attorney may be more qualified to plea bargain a DUI case successfully due to this legal knowledge.

Repeat Offenders

A DUI lawyer is recommended for repeat DUI offenders because the stakes are higher in these cases. Plea bargaining may still be a possibility but legal expertise will be needed. Sentence bargaining is another option in most states and can help a repeat offender avoid a long jail sentence. Lawyers are also recommended for aggravated DUI cases involving injury, death, or blood alcohol content exceeding .15 in which sentence bargaining is common.

Advice provided by a local DUI lawyer is based on knowledge of state laws and experience with other DUI cases. Use a service like to find a qualified attorney who specializes in DUI cases within your state. Listen to the recommendations provided by this legal expert and then make an informed decision about how to proceed.

If cost is a concern, the free DUI arrest evaluation from should be helpful. If the legal advocates recommend multiple attorneys, shop around to compare charges. Schedule free initial consultations with the top two attorneys and request a complete list of representation costs up front. Discussions that take place in these meetings will reveal why an attorney is beneficial to successfully fight a DUI charge.

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