How to Get Immediate Help for my DUI

Immediate DUI HelpBeing pulled over and charged with DUI is scary but the consequences can be downright traumatic. DUI offenders should not become paralyzed with fear but instead take action immediately. The Internet is filled with information about DUI and how to deal with it but consulting a specialized DUI attorney is the most effective way to handle the situation.

General DUI Information

Police officers understand DUI laws but are not usually helpful resources during arrests. Accurate information regarding DUI and its consequences exists online. However, it can be difficult to distinguish facts from propaganda. For the most accurate information, visit the motor vehicle website in the state of residence because DUI is regulated at the state level. Website content may include legal terminology so look up definitions of unfamiliar terms to avoid confusion.

After receiving a general overview online, contact an attorney who specializes in DUI cases. This type of lawyer can be difficult to find through the telephone book so visit instead. Complete a short online form requesting a DUI arrest evaluation at no charge. Within a short time, a DUI attorney will make contact and request relevant documents.

During the initial consultation, the lawyer will explain the charges and possible penalties. He or she will also describe the legal process and how long it will take. Reviewing the case allows the attorney to determine whether mistakes were made during the arrest or testing analysis. The attorney will ask the individual charged for his or her side of the story. If errors are identified, the lawyer will explain how to fight the charges and win. The individual charged with DUI then decides whether to represent him or herself in court or retain the attorney.

Immediately after being charged with DUI, a driver should write down the sequence of events and everything the arresting officer said, did, and asked the driver to do. This narrative serves the same purpose as the police officer’s narrative supplement to a police report: it describes what happened from the perspective of the individual writing it. Details may be used to build a defense against the charges.

A DUI attorney uses the police and driver narratives, test results, and other details to prepare a defense. During the DUI hearing, this lawyer represents the driver and attempts to convince the court that the individual was innocent. The sooner a driver charged with DUI contacts a lawyer, the sooner he or she can begin fighting the charge.

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