Dui Defense Strategies

DUI defense strategies can be very difficult to formulate. The greatest asset on your side is the manner in which your arrest took place. Meaning..Was the DUI stop illegal? Or were you singled out and almost forced to drive erratically due to the stress of an officer behind you? Whatever your case may be, there are many holes that can be punched in the prosecution and arresting officer’s testimony.

Wrong Reasons for Arresting – Your DUI defense strategies can begin with attacking the reasons for arresting you. The officer may have stopped you for weaving in and out of the lane, for driving over the speed limit, not heeding the traffic lights or driving without the lights on. If you can prove that inadequate sleep, mechanical problems in the car or an emergency situation was the cause of your erratic driving and not DUI, you may have the case dismissed.

Wrong Interpretation of the Field Sobriety Tests – Your DUI defense strategies can next include attacking the results of the field sobriety test. These tests are not conclusive evidence of DUI but can certainly have a great influence in convicting you. If you were able to go through the tests without much problem, then it can work out in your favor. Even if you failed the tests, you can show that the reasons for this were because you were wearing high heels, the surface was uneven or the traffic in front obstructed your gaze. In that case, the results of the test will not be enough to convict you.

Wrong Interpretation of BAC Results – Your DUI defense strategies may not include beating the results of the BAC tests unless you can cast doubts on the credibility of the tests. Usually, if you fail the field sobriety test, you will be asked to go blow into a breathalyzer which will give the BAC readings. The results can give an idea about the alcohol content in your body. If you can prove the inaccuracy of the results then you may beat the DUI charges. You may refuse the test in the first instance, or give counter arguments about the high BAC reading, or even get an expert to prove the machine faulty.

It might be very difficult to build up DUI defense strategies on your own. Take the advice and help from our experts here at DUIRights.com. This will help you present your case in court in such a way that all the DUI charges against you will be dismissed.

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  1. I was charged with a DUI. I turned my license in, they expired during this time. I paid all fines. Sold my car to do this. How long will this stay on my record? I would like my license’s back and I realize I will need to take the test again. Does a DUI ever leave your record?

    Thank you for your info.

    • Hi Lynn, was your license suspended or revoked? If only suspended then you need to contact your state DMV to find out how long. A DUI will stay on your record depending on the state and verdict in court. Were you convicted or did you get a plea bargain?

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