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An in depth look at your DUI arrest

Answers on how to prevent license suspension

Estimated fines and costs involved

Ignition interlock device information

Chances of getting a dismissal or plea bargain

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DUI Rights Guide to Beating a DUIDUIRights.com handles a large number of DUI cases throughout the entire nation. Our skilled DUI attorneys and professionals are committed to first class representation. Find out why we are one of the top national DUI Defense services by filling out the form!

Getting Your Free DUI Evaluation from DUIRights.com

What are your options after being arrested and charged with a DUI? Is the case against you a “slam dunk” or is there a chance you can have the charges dismissed or reduced? How can you actually find a licensed attorney in your area? It all starts by submitting your case details to DUIRights.com. Best of all, you are under no obligation, nor do you have to pay anything for these initial services. Here is how it works…

  1. Fill out your information and then submit the form (your personal information is kept confidential)
  2. The team at DUIRights.com will look over the details and contact you with any questions they have about the case prior to conducting the evaluation
  3. Once all details are submitted, a DUIRights.com network attorney will evaluate your case with possible defense recommendations.

It really is that simple! In addition to the free evaluation, the site is packed with information about DUI law, arrest tactics officers use, as well as state specific information concerning penalties and fines for all offenders.

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FREE DUI Arrest Evaluation Form

Having your DUI Arrest Evaluated for Free will help establish a credible defense based on your specific details and possibly get all charges dismissed completely. If you are scared of losing your license then immediate action is required in order to get a hearing to rescind the DUI suspension penalty from your arresting DUI state. Getting arrested for DUI does not mean you are automatically guilty or mean you have to face these charges alone.

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What Clients Say:

The police officer was heading in the opposite direction and I guess he thought I ran the light. I can't see how that is even possible but what could I do. Thank you for reviewing my case and helping me get this taken care of. Without your help finding the attorney, this case would have been a disaster with the public defender

~ John

Was told I had failed a field sobriety test after barely swerving in low visibility across an almost non existent road line on a run down main road while trying to take an extremely drunk person home. An officer on scene made it seem as though I had no options, and another at the station continuously verbally abused me for a few minutes despite repeated requests for him to please refrain from profanity. The attorney was able to prove the officer was unfit to make the arrest and the case was dismissed!

~ Christopher

My case (8 tickets including DUI was DISMISSED!) I had 2 hearings with MVA. She told me that she wanted to hear the officer's testimony. The second hearing was scheduled for 2/13/17. A week b4 the hearing I received a letter from MVA claiming that they were postponing my case because the officer could not make it. They granted him a postponement until 3/6/17.

~ Lee