First DUI Offense: What Happens For Your First DUI?

First DUI Charges can be dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. Learn what specific DUI arrest details will determine your defense strategies and clear your record.

First DUI Convictions Will Show Up On Your Record

Did you know that a first DUI conviction and even DUI supervision will show up on your record? Many employers will not even consider employment for anyone who has a DUI on their record. The only way to prevent this is by reducing or dismissing the charges against you.

Police have noble intentions but on first DUI offenders they are sometimes much too harsh and use scare tactics on innocent drivers. You may have been cohered into thinking the officer would "let you go" if you take the breathalyzer test. Some of these tactics are actually illegal and need to be challenged by proper representation.

What Will Happen For Your First DUI?

  1. Your license will be suspended within 30 days unless you request a hearing
  2. Only an experienced attorney can request a hearing at the DMV to save your license.
  3. A public defender will not get your penalties reduced or dismissed
  4. Fines may cost well over $10,000 unless your defense can reduce or eliminate the charges
  5. There will be mandatory jail time in some states unless an attorney fights the charges.

How We Can Help

Here at we specialize in looking at your specific circumstances involved in your DUI arrest and challenging all aspects of the DUI evidence. Almost every DUI arrest has in some way violated a person’s DUI Rights. This is not to say that every DUI offender is innocent but instead offer the proper justification based on more than just DUI police reports and sobriety tests. Each individual has the right to a second chance without being labeled unfairly from a DUI charge.

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Having your DUI Arrest Evaluated for Free will help establish a credible defense based on your specific details and possibly get all charges dismissed completely. If you are scared of losing your license then immediate action is required in order to get a hearing to rescind the DUI suspension penalty from your arresting DUI state. Getting arrested for DUI does not mean you are automatically guilty or mean you have to face these charges alone.

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