How a DUI Can Cause Depression

Depression from DUIDUI affects the pocketbook and can affect employment. However, the most severe consequence of a DUI conviction may be unseen. Being convicted of driving under the influence can be emotionally draining and over the long-term, could result in depression. Whether the driver injured or killed another individual or is simply in denial or shock that the event occurred, depression can sneak up without warning and may have serious effects.

Immediate Impact of DUI

Shortly after being charged with DUI, individuals may have their driver licenses revoked and may even spend time behind bars. During subsequent weeks, they will devote their time to finding and retaining DUI attorneys and preparing for court hearings. While makes it easier to locate an experienced, local DUI lawyer, nothing can adequately prepare DUI offenders for the range of emotions they will experience.

Some people go into denial immediately following a DUI charge. They refuse to acknowledge it happened and believe that the charge will miraculously disappear. This is dangerous because it leaves them unprepared for their DUI hearings. They defend themselves at trial, which is typically an unsuccessful approach, and are shocked when the judge hands down an array of severe penalties.

Depression Creeps In

It is easy to become depressed when facing jail time. However, even DUI offenders who manage to avoid serving time can develop depression. They may lose their jobs due to taking too many days off to prepare for their hearings or their employers may discharge them for improper conduct due to the DUI charge. Those who are allowed to remain in their jobs may be shunned by co-workers, making it difficult to complete team projects. Many find themselves passed over for promotions, limiting their income potential.

Outside of work, having a DUI conviction can disqualify someone for leadership positions in volunteer and community organizations. Others no longer perceive the individual as a role model and some friends and neighbors may stop coming to visit. They may even prevent their children from associating with the DUI offender’s children at school or during extracurricular activities.

Being ostracized after receiving a DUI conviction can cause even the strongest person to spiral into depression. Getting an attorney and fighting the charge may prevent things from reaching this point. Professional therapy can also be helpful because it helps clients develop coping skills, making them better equipped to deal with the emotional impact of a DUI charge.

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