DUI Rights in Georgia

Georgia DUI Rights Help and How to Fight Your Charges

Being arrested and convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in the state of Georgia, or any other state, is a very serious matter. Even those who are first time offenders of DUI in Georgia will face some serious penalties including fines, license suspension, and mandatory jail time. Additionally, the offender will have to complete 40 hours of community service and pay a $210 fee to have their license reinstated once the suspension period has ended. All of these things can have a profound effect on someone’s life.

This is why so many individuals seek help to try and fight their DUI charges after being arrested. In order to be successful in the courtroom, it is important for individuals to have their case evaluated by a legal professional. At DUIRights.com, we pride ourselves on being able to review a client’s case and helping them build a strong defense against the prosecutor. Whether the individual is being charged in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, or anywhere in the state, it is possible for them to have their case evaluated free.

Why DUI Rights are Important

What many people may not realize is that their rights may have been violated during their DUI arrest. In some cases, this is the scenario during DUI cases, and the accused rarely know what their rights are. This is why it is so important to have a legal professional and someone who is well versed in DUI for the state of Georgia review and evaluate your case. Some of the questions an attorney may ask in regards to the arrest are:

  1. What was the officer’s reason for making the traffic stop?
  2. Did the officer see the individual behind the wheel of the vehicle?
  3. If a Breathalyzer test was administered, how long after the individual’s last drink was the test administered?
  4. Did the officer explain the individual’s rights or read the Miranda Rights?

The information that is revealed after answering these questions will allow the professional to determine if any of the client’s rights were violated. If they were, it will give the attorney the needed information and leverage against the prosecutor to build a strong defense for the client in hopes of a more positive outcome. This could help the lawyer arrange a plea bargain for lesser penalties, have the charges reduced to something less serious, such as “wet reckless,” or have the case dismissed.
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Georgia DUI Defense Tactics

Georgia DUI RightsA major point of DUI arrests in Atlanta have been from a series of road blocks used to find impaired drivers. Because of the sometimes unfair judgments made against fair and honest citizens, many DUI arrests have been in question by the public. Here are few questions to ask about your Georgia DUI:

• Certain Georgia field sobriety tests have been under fire and give suspects literally no chance of passing
• Invalid reason for being pulled over by a Georgia police officer
• Breath tests were administered improperly or calibrations were challenged in court

Protect your rights and learn how to get your Georgia DUI charges dismissed. Get Started Now by filling out the Free DUI Arrest Evaluation form to get your DUI arrest examined by one of our advocates.

No matter how guilty you may think you were at the time of the arrest, we want you to know one important thing: There is ALWAYS an aggressive and effective defense that will help you fight for the best possible outcome. In our experience, many officers do not follow proper field sobriety test procedures. In fact, challenging probable cause and the way field sobriety tests, blood tests and breath tests were administered is often a successful strategy to reduce or drop the charges. Also, many people plead guilty prematurely based on a breath test with a result above the legal limit. This is a common and costly mistake, as there are a variety of ways in having the breath test suppressed as we will show you how to do.

With our help, we will show you the easy to understand steps needed to get your Georgia DUI charges dismissed effectively and take back the control of your situation by being equipped with experienced representation you need to win your case.

DUI Attorney in Georgia

A DUI charge can be scary and confusing, so it helps to have someone on your side. A legal expert can help sort out what happened during the arrest, recommend how to proceed, and explain the consequences of conviction. While a public defender or general legal counsel may suffice, hiring someone who specializes in Georgia DUI cases is recommended for the best results.

Reasons to Hire a Georgia DUI Attorney

More than 32,000 DUI convictions occurred in Georgia during 2012 according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Individuals arrested for DUI are entitled to legal representation and those who cannot afford private lawyers are assigned public defenders. This type of lawyer tends to be overworked and inexperienced with DUI matters and the court system, resulting in an inadequate defense. Some public defenders encourage clients to settle, forcing them to face unpleasant consequences.

Private DUI attorneys specialize in drunk driving cases so they have in-depth knowledge of relevant laws. They limit their caseloads to allow enough time for thorough research and they retain experts to refute prosecutors’ claims. These lawyers build the strongest defenses to DUI charges and navigate the court system with ease. The outcome is usually much more positive for a defendant.

How to Find a Georgia DUI Attorney

DUI laws vary by state, so look for a DUI attorney practicing in Georgia. Many of the best attorneys acquire clients through referrals. DUIRights.com is an online referral system that is easy to use and offers free DUI arrest evaluations from top Georgia DUI lawyers. The opportunity to consult with a specialized legal expert without paying any money is not offered by many referral networks, making DUIRights.com a better choice.

As part of the evaluation process, the attorney will review the arrest record and ask questions about what the arresting officer said and did. This may expose errors made during the arrest and subsequent investigation of the chemical testing process could uncover additional mistakes. If retained, the lawyer will use this evidence to prove that the charge was not justified so the case should be thrown out of court.

A DUI lawyer also helps a defendant who is guilty by plea bargaining or exchanging punishments to reduce the severity of penalties. Most public defenders do not have the time or skills to achieve equally impressive results. Whether guilty or innocent, individuals charged with DUI should talk to a lawyer recommended by DUIRights.com before heading to court.

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