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Illegal DUI Stop – Contest Your DUI Arrest

An officer is not entitled to make an illegal DUI stop. The law of the country makes this quite clear under the Fourth Amendment. This grants you adequate protection against unfair seizures and searches. This includes being searched after a suspected DUI stop. The officer should have enough grounds for suspecting you of intoxication and cannot pull you over at random. He can only do this if he observes you violating the traffic rules in any way. Even then, he can only make a limited stop and issue a citation against you. The law says that it cannot be termed an illegal DUI stop unless there is reasonable suspicion of DUI.
Conditions for DUI Stop

The officer can only make a stop under 3 conditions

• If he believes that a crime has already been committed
• If there is reason to think that a crime is in the process of being committed
• If he is inclined to expect that a crime is about to be committed

To Prove an Illegal DUI Stop

You can take the help of experts from DUIRights.com to prove that the officer on duty did not have enough reason to suspect you of DUI and there was no basis for reasonable suspicion. If it is a DUI arrest, then you will have to show that the reasons cited by the officer for stopping you were not valid. To be able to do this, you or the experts you hire for helping you beat the DUI, should be knowledgeable about the officer’s training as laid down in the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Student Manual. This describes at length the specific aspects the officer has to look for if he suspects you of DUI. He should look for particular actions and draw specific conclusions based on his observations.

Help From DUIRights.com for your Illegal DUI Stop

Here at DUIRights.com we can provide excellent information to help you prepare your defense. Start by filling out the Free Dui Arrest Evaluation Form and let one of our representatives tell you how to fight the illegal DUI stop.

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