DUI Entrapment by police

DUI entrapment occurs when an individual has been charged with a DUI when there is evidence of manipulation by any government agent. DUI entrapment is a hard to prove accusation in court and must be proven by following certain steps before you step foot in court. An example of DUI entrapment would be if an officer got you into your vehicle (by assisting or encouraging) and then proceeded to pull you over and issue you a citation.

DUI Entrapment is Illegal In Some Cases

If you believe you are a victim of DUI entrapment then you must respond quickly to obtain all evidence needed in court to fight the unfair charges against you. Most DUI attorneys will not even look at the possibility of DUI entrapment in your case. That is because they are not experienced in that area of DUI law. Your action to dismiss all charges against you in court MUST be done by an attorney who knows these DUI entrapment cases.

DUI Entrapment Defense Option in Court

If you have a possible DUI entrapment case then your chances of dismissing all charges are greatly improved. Not only can you prove innocence through entrapment but by faulty breathalyzers and inaccurate field sobriety test results as well. Police often leave out extremely important data on tickets that must be challenged by your attorney. Knowing what they missed is our specialty and we arm you with an even greater chance of winning in court.

Preparing for Court

Your outcome in court will most certainly be decided on how prepared you are with all the allegations against you. We provide every step needed in order to dismiss all charges in your DUI entrapment occurrence. Putting all your faith in a DUI attorney is not enough on your part. You must make sure your lawyer is doing all that he/she can on your behalf. A simple plea bargain can be done by a public defender and will leave you with a DUI on your record every time a possible employer looks at your record.

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