Arizona DUI Laws

What happens to you if you are arrested for a DUI in Arizona? What monetary fines are you required to pay? Can you refuse a chemical test? If you do, what types of fines and penalties are you subject to? Will you have to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed? These answers and more are below.

Consequences for Refusing to Take Chemical Tests

Arizona is an implied consent state, so there are penalties in place for refusing to take chemical tests if you are arrested for a DUI:Arizona DUI Laws

  • First offense – one-year license suspension
  • Second offense – two-year license suspension
  • Third offense – two-year license suspension

Challenging BAC Levels in Court

Blood alcohol content (BAC) is one of the determining factors in deciding if you are DUI or not after an arrest. If you do take the test, you should know there are specific procedures in place to ensure the results are accurate. Challenging these results is one strategy your attorney may use to fight your charges in court. All BAC levels are listed below:

  • Drivers that are 21 years or older, .08 percent
  • Drivers under the age of 21, .00 percent, zero tolerance state
  • Commercial drivers, .04 percent

Is There Mandatory Jail Time Required for a DUI in Arizona?

If you are arrested in Arizona, you will go to jail for any DUI arrest and conviction.

  • First time offenders – minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 10 days in jail
  • Second time offenders – minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 in jail
  • Third time offenders – minimum of four months in jail

Monetary Fines and Penalties for DUI in Arizona

Arizona monetary fines for DUI are among the lowest in the country:

  • First offense – $250 fine
  • Second offense – $500 fine
  • Third offense – $750 fine

License Suspension for DUI in Arizona

There is a mandatory suspension for all DUI convictions in Arizona:

  • First offense – minimum of 90 days with a maximum of 360 days license suspension
  • Second offense – one-year suspension
  • Third offense – one-year suspension

There is also a mandatory IID installation required for all violators.

Finding a DUI Attorney in Arizona

If you are arrested and in need of a DUI attorney in Arizona, then please fill out the Free DUI Arrest Evaluation Form. This website provides a free Arizona DUI case evaluation as well as more DUI laws and information on local DUI attorneys.

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