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Failed Arizona Field Sobriety Test

If you have failed Arizona field sobriety test, then you have basically not been able to follow a light steadily with your eyes, walk along a straight line and count while standing on one foot. These are the tests which the officer will have asked you to go through since he suspected you for DUI. You may have been a little bit perplexed and perhaps nervous on being stopped and this might have added to the suspicion that you were intoxicated. The officer might further be convinced about your intoxication if he finds out that you are underage for driving, have a commercial driving license or are vulnerable to DUI in any other way.

How to Challenge Field Sobriety Test

It is very important for you to find out how you can avoid getting convicted for DUI and also the penalties for it. You can even challenge the test if you know the grounds using which you can do this. If you know just how the failed Arizona field sobriety test can be used in the DUI investigation process against you, you can prepare your case accordingly. The officers are prone to making mistakes while conducting these tests and also in basing their conclusions on the test results. You can take advantage of this and beat the charges against you.

Importance of the Field Sobriety Tests

If you have refused the breathalyzer and the BAC tests are not reliable, then the field tests can be very crucial. So before you decide to say yes to them, you should know that you can always refuse them. These tests can form the basis of your arrest but they cannot be used as evidence of DUI to convict you. So a failed Arizona field sobriety test cannot be enough to send you to jail. You can always challenge it later saying that the officer on duty did not conduct the tests properly and that your arrest was unfair.

Cases Where the Results of the Field Sobriety Tests cannot be upheld

• If you are overweight, disabled, elderly or injured
• If you are wearing high heeled shoes of 2 inches or more
• If the tests were not administered properly
• If you were asked to do non-standardized tests
• If the surface on which you were standing was wet, uneven or loose
• If only the inconsistencies in your behaviour were noted down and the sober ones overlooked

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