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How to Overcome a Third DUI Arrest

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Third DUI Arrest

When you are caught with your third DUI offense, the games are pretty much done. You had both your first and second, from which, you got an easy break from the law. The cops don’t play around at this point in time, neither, does the law.


Did you know that 10,0000 people or more die every year? It’s courtesy of those who are on their third DUI arrest and offense. Since, it already happened two times before, the cops are waiting to trap you, again. Are some of them doing this on purpose? Sometimes, yes. Some of them will go out of their way to nail you, even if you are sober. The more you try to fight with them on it, the more charges they will throw at you. It’s that simple. Is it fair to those who are actually innocent? No, it’s not. But, sometimes a few bad apples will ruin things, for the rest of the bunch. Which is why you need to protect yourself. You need to know what you are up against, especially, when it comes to a crooked cop. Trust me, there are many of them out there.


You know the old saying, “innocent until proven guilty.” Well, you have to prove your innocence, especially, on a 3rd DUI arrest. If you can’t prove you are not guilty, you will face fines of $3500, initially. If you believe you are innocent, they expect you to prove it. After the arrest, you have to call for an administration hearing. You will have ten days. If you don’t do anything, during this time, more charges will be filed. Believe me, those charges add up. Your license will be suspended.

If convicted, you will spend time in jail. This is not a joke, people. Sometimes it wakes people up, to what they have done.


The punishment is pretty much the same, as the first two offenses. Only difference, the fines go up and so do the probation terms. Let’s take a look at what all happens, with the punishment.

1) Fines: They will be at least $3500. Depending on the severity, they could be more. If you caused an accident, or several, the fines will be doubled, if not tripled. They are not playing around here.

2) The jail time will be about 120. It’s mandatory. There is no way you can talk your way out of it. 120 days is just a minimum. If there were accident involved, the jail time will be more severe. I can guarantee it.

3) Your license will be suspended for about 3 years, if not more.

4) Your probation is not going to be easy, either. Your probation will be for 5 years, if not more. During that 5 years, if you screw up, in any way, they will increase the punishment.

5) You will need to attend A DUI school. The courts will make the choice. You have to attend classes for about 18 months. This is enforced, to help you understand the chaos you have caused. Driving drunk is no laughing matter. For those that consistently do it, this is their wake-up call.

Your probation is not mandatory. The fines, the schooling, suspension and jail time are. If you do get probation, that is for the courts to decide. They are not obligated to give you probation, always remember that.


There are many cases where the person turns out to be innocent. In other words, they are not as guilty, as everyone claimed they were. This does happen. This happens a lot. There are many cops who have chips on their shoulders. They are looking for something to do. So, they go out of their way to make problems for someone else. This happens, especially, when the person has a prior DUI arrest record.

You have to protect yourself. Whether you are guilty or not, you need someone on your side. Hiring a good attorney to help you with your case, is a good choice to make. A good attorney will be able to spot the glitches in the law. A good lawyer will know how to separate the facts from circumstantial evidence. They will be able to argue your case correctly, especially, if you are innocent.

It’s not smart to do this alone. Because, the law can be quite manipulative to those who represent themselves. This is why you need someone on your side. Someone who knows how you feel. A lawyer who has your best interests at hand, not their own.


The place to go, for your legal representation, is DUI Rights. We have the skills to manage your case, sufficiently. We are very aware of how the law manipulates people. We have seen it happen, time and again. For us, your innocence or guilt, is not the question. This is not what matters. Are you being treated fairly? This is the million dollar question. This is what matters to us.

We will go over ever aspect of your case. We won’t just settle on a quick plea bargain. A plea bargain, in most cases, is nothing more than number crunching, at it’s finest.

Fill out the Free DUI Arrest Evaluation Form. Based on what you have filled out, we will assign you to a lawyer who matches your needs. He or she will get in touch. Then, start going over your case. It’s that simple. We have your back, all the way.

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