What is the Best Way to Get Help After a DUI?

Get DUI HelpAfter being arrested for driving under the influence, or DUI, feeling ashamed and alone is a common reaction. Many people do not want to tell their friends and coworkers that they have been charged with DUI due to the stigma it carries. Some experience feelings of despair and hopelessness due to potential suspension of the driver license and jail time.

Take Action

The best way to deal with a DUI charge is to do something about it. An attorney with extensive experience handling DUI cases is best-equipped to help. This type of attorney understands DUI laws, is versed in the DUI process, and knows what mistakes can be made during and after a DUI stop. Discussing the case with a knowledgeable DUI lawyer is the recommended first step.

With so many attorneys practicing within a given geographic area, how does one find the most reputable lawyer with DUI defense experience? DUIRights.com was created to address that dilemma. Simply use our online form to provide some personal information and details regarding the arrest and our legal advocates will match you with the best DUI attorney who will provide a personal DUI arrest evaluation at no charge.

Types of Assistance Available

These specialized lawyers help DUI offenders in several ways. They begin by explaining the charges made by the arresting officer and answering relevant questions. Individuals charged with DUI are not usually familiar with applicable state laws and may have questions about statements made by the arresting officer. Once these issues have been clarified, the attorney explains each penalty that the individual may face if found guilty. Learning that consequences may include several months in jail is often a harsh realization of the severity of the charge.

An experienced DUI lawyer then reviews the case in detail, looking for errors made by the arresting officer or inaccuracies in field sobriety or chemical testing. If mistakes are discovered, these are brought to the attention of the offender, with the recommendation to fight the charges. The offender then decides whether to do this alone or with assistance from the attorney.

Recognizing that they face an uphill battle, many individuals charged with DUI retain the services of DUI attorneys. With this legal assistance, they are able to build a strong defense, convincing the court that reasonable doubt exists. An experienced DUI attorney is often the key to beating a charge of driving under the influence.

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