How to Fight Depression and Embarrassment After a DUI Charge

A DUI charge often results in more than license suspension, fines, and possible jail time. Many people feel embarrassed and ashamed after being charged with driving while intoxicated and some even slip into depression. Whether this is the first DUI charge or a repeat offense, the right approach can prevent feelings of shame from creeping in and possibly worsening. DUI consequences can have a severe affect on your mental health if gone untreated.

Reduce DUI Embarrassment in Three Steps

Three simple steps can prevent anyone from feeling shameful after a DUI charge.

  1. Recognize that drinking and driving was a mistake. Denial or panic may be an automatic response but dig deeper to uncover the feelings of humiliation that likely lie underneath the surface. By facing the fact that a mistake was made, you are dealing with the situation head-on and will have an easier time putting it in the past.
  2. Seek Experienced DUI Legal Counsel. Getting help from a DUI Rights lawyer is wise because it puts you in control of the situation. An experienced attorney who specializes in DUI cases will explain the charges and ramifications. If there is question regarding guilt, this legal expert will help build a strong defense and present it during a court hearing. Though a judge or jury may be the ultimate decision-maker, a good lawyer can strongly influence the outcome.
  3. Talk about it. The third step is sometimes the hardest because it requires facing co-workers and loved ones. Discuss the charge with fellow employees, your supervisor, friends, and family members. Informing an employer is recommended because the organization is likely to find out through the public record. Social consequences of DUI are often the most difficult so seek guidance from a DUI lawyer regarding the best way to handle them.

Prevent Depression Caused by DUI

Depression from a DUI
Don’t be ashamed to get therapy or counseling for DUI related mental health issues.

Shame and embarrassment can quickly become depression if left unaddressed. If the thought of acknowledging a DUI charge is too much to bear, seek professional counseling or therapy. The reason for the act or feelings associated with the charge may be related to another unhappy life event. Recognizing and dealing with this can help fend off depression.

Don’t Wait. Take Immediate Action

Taking immediate action is the best way to limit the emotional and social consequences of DUI. By collaborating with a team of experts including a DUI attorney and professional counselor, many people charged with DUI are able to prevent shame and embarrassment and avoid depression. These professionals are here to help so complete the free DUI arrest evaluation form on to get started today.

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