Do DUI Attorneys Have Payment Plans?

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, you could be facing some severe financial penalties. If you plan to fight the charges, you can also expect to accumulate some legal fees. Without having financial means or a significant “rainy day” fund, your night out on the town could put you in danger of going bankrupt, that is unless you are able to find an attorney that is willing to work with your financial budget.

Before You Hire an Attorney…

Know the fines, penalties, and evidence against you. This will help you pick the right attorney for your case and know how much a DUI attorney is going to cost. For instance, if you have a case where your BAC (blood alcohol content) level is right on the border and there were no extenuating circumstances (such as a child in the car or the causing of an accident with or without fatalities), you may be able to use an attorney with less trial experience. However, be sure to find one that has a history of being able to plead out cases to lesser charges successfully, such as wet reckless instead of a DUI (assuming your state allows a plea of wet reckless).

Alternatively, if your BAC was excessive and/or there were other issues during the arrest, you will probably need an experienced trial attorney to fight the charges. Going into a situation such as this with a new or inexperienced trial attorney may seal your fate before the judge’s gavel falls to open testimony.

You should also be aware of the actual fines and penalties in place within your state. Some states have a set fine for each offense whereas other states may offer a range and leave it up to the judge to decide. Of course, there is also the consideration of mandatory jail time and/or community service.

Finding a DUI Attorney

Using will allow you to find local DUI attorneys who provide payment plans. If you are struggling financially, one of the first questions to ask before you get into the details of your case is whether he or she has alternative payment plans. Once you have the field narrowed, you can then interview the attorneys to find the one you would like to defend you.

Some of the ways an attorney can help you lower your costs are:

  • Including a free DUI consultation to discuss the actual case
  • Offer flexible payment plans to help you “finance” your defense
  • Possibly accept payments via credit card. If you have a low interest or no interest card, this can help you spread the payments out over a much longer period.
  • Some attorneys will work for a flat fee. This helps you avoid accumulating significant billable hours, especially in trial cases.

If you would like more information about local DUI laws, a free evaluation of your case, or need to find a local attorney, visit fill out the Free DUI Arrest Evaluation Form today.

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18 thoughts on “Do DUI Attorneys Have Payment Plans?”

  1. This information is very useful for those involved in a DUI case. Finding the right attorney may be the most important part of any case. A great way to narrow the search for an attorney would be to consider the trial experience of each lawyer.

  2. I had a interlock device and still got a DWI. Even though the officer said I crossed the center line but his dash cam was not on.

  3. I got a dui in dec 2015,and just now going to court over it and today the public defender said to the judge in open court,its a weak case.but I got a 2nd dui in another county in may 2016, so will they or can they charge me twice since I haven’t been to trial on the 1st one yet,,

  4. Motion for rehearing was denied and Motion for Default was denied because FR Suspension was never Court Order and Judge stated to fill in Civil Court due to the HSMV failed to reinstate my Driver’s License in a given time frame. Should I pursue this in Civil Court with Lawsuit of $150,000, for failure to follow a Legal signed Court Order? Under Law it is up to the Courts to order DUI Insurance and not DMV.

  5. My 28 teen year old daughter got a dui July 2015 .she blew .011 they arrest her she to bond out was on a holding tank for hours blew Two are 3 more times it still read the same

  6. I had hired Mary Rogers for a flat fee of $1500 to get my license back for me and we went to a hearing and got denied and after she filed for appeal of the decision she forgot to file some paperwork to get the appeal date and then tried to charge me $3000 more which I declined and would like to find an attorney to finish my appeal forunder $1000.

  7. I was recently pulled over for DUI. I was administered a breathalyzer and blood test. I ‘ve never had any prior convictions and I need to find out how to proceed with all this and what to expect. I am a 58 year old divorced woman who works full time and who has no family.

    • For a first time offender it should be plead down to a lesser charge. The biggest factor will be what the test results were and what state your DUI arrest was in.

      • I also recieved a dui.a car stopped very quicly in front of me.i tried to swerve but hit the left side.i was asked to do a field test – he said i didnt pass.someone i spoke with told to refuse to blow- and i did.this is my first offense..very nervous


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