Unfair Dui Arrest Tactics – Challenge Your DUI Arrest

Your Dui Arrest will most likely become the targeted piece of evidence in court. Despite many other variables that can sway outcomes; the manner of which your arrest process began can be the most reliable source of evidence to dismiss all charges. Even with a failed sobriety test, failed breath test, and a failed blood test, your chances to completely dismiss all charges may lye solely on the Dui Arrest you endured through. To put it plain and simple...there needs to be a credible reason why you were pulled over in the first place.

Police officers rely heavily on making judgements based on suspicion and not always on pure facts of a moving situation when dealing with driving. A Common occurrence of this may have happened with your arrest. We believe that a majority of Dui arrests can often be made from untruthful and unreliable circumstances that were blown out of proportion to make you look guilty. Here are some factors to consider when looking for unfair Dui arrest tactics concerning your arrest. If ANY of these scenarios apply to your case then fill out the Free Dui Arrest Evaluation form now to start fighting these allegations!

Misleading Statements – If you can prove coercion and duress when the field sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests were conducted, then it might be enough to get the case dismissed. The officer might have misled you into giving the tests by force.

Voluntary Breath Test – The officer cannot force you to go through the tests. You should give them voluntarily. You can also reserve the right to refuse these tests.

Smell of Alcohol – The officer might intimidate you by saying that your breath smelled of alcohol. You must remember that alcohol has no smell. It is only the flavoring which smells. Besides, this is not proof of your BAC level and not enough reason for arresting you either.

Reading of Miranda Rights – This is a very important step to be followed by every officer after stopping you for DUI. He has to read you your Miranda Rights which states that you have the right to remain silent and consult an attorney immediately before making any statements.

Using points like these can ultimately decide your fate in court. Proper challenging of all aspects of your arrest can be done only by dui attorneys who specialize in this area. Your ability to choose the best legal representation will require a respected resource like DuiRights.com. We specialize in helping people like yourself who DO NOT deserve the full punishment of an unfair legal system. Fight back now and learn how you can beat your Dui with a Free Dui Arrest Evaluation! Or learn the insider secrets to beating your dui with our "DuiRights.com Guide to Beating a DUI".

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