Failing a Field Sobriety Test

Failing a field sobriety test is used as evidence in court against you. THIS DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU GUILTY. Remember it is only evidence. There are so many variables that can prove your innocence. Depending on your situation, you do still have many options.

The field sobriety test is observed and judged by a police officer. Most often you see multiple officers observing you take this test on the side of the road. This is done for more witnesses. It turns the field sobriety test into a “show” rather than a service to society.

Discrepancies can be found most often in the police reports regarding the actual depiction of events. These allegations need to be properly contested by your lawyer. These discrepancies are most often overlooked by lawyers to make for an easier plea bargain. Remember that you are being charged for a DUI. It is your decision to make; not your lawyers decision.

The first step to winning your case is to find these discrepancies that were called against you. Guide will show you all the proven ways to win your case. These false allegations need to be contested by your attorney! Start by filling out the Free Dui Arrest Evaluation Form to the right!

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