How Can a DUI Affect Pharmacy Careers

Are you currently in the pharmacy career field and ended up getting a DUI? Or are you trying to become a pharmacist? A DUI can affect a pharmacy career but not all hope is lost. You still can become a pharmacist or keep your pharmacy job with a DUI on your record.

What Pharmacists Should Know About DUI

Having a DUI conviction may make educators, licensures, and employers question whether an individual can perform his or her job without putting the lives of patients in danger. Those who already have a DUI conviction may believe they cannot pursue a career as a pharmacist. However, while the road may be rockier, it is possible to gain a pharmacy license even with a previous DUI conviction.

Pharmacy College

Depending on the college an individual wants to attend, the requirements for being accepted into a pharmacy program can vary. Most often, colleges look at the applicant’s GPA, completion of a pharmacy program, PCAT score, and other relevant factors. Some colleges do require a background check, so a recent DUI conviction or other charges will be discovered and could potentially make admission more difficult.

Applying for a Pharmacy License

Once individuals have successfully completed the pharmacy program at the college of their choosing, they have the option to apply for a pharmacy license. The board of pharmacy in each state requires applicants to pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination and, in some states, the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam.

When submitting the application for a pharmacy license, individuals are required to submit their fingerprints and undergo a background check. When this process begins, it is important for the applicant to provide information about his or her DUI conviction. It is also important to remember that the licensing board reviews individual issues on an individual basis, i.e. a DUI conviction does not automatically disqualify an applicant. If the records are deemed acceptable, the individual can take the exam or exams.

Other Points to Consider

Depending on the situation, it may be possible for the individual to have his or her DUI conviction expunged before applying for pharmacy college. This is usually available if the conviction is more than ten years old. Having the DUI conviction expunged seals the records from any public inquiry. If the conviction is not eligible for expungement, it is always best for individuals to be upfront and honest about the information.

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