How Long Will a DUI Stay on Your Record?

A DUI on your record can have serious repercussion both now and later in life. For instance, it will immediately affect your insurance rates and can possibly cause you to lose your job (for those that have jobs that require a license). With each state having its own DUI laws, we have put together a list of how long a DUI will stay on your record throughout the United States:

How Long Will a DUI Stay on Your Record

Alabama – 5 years
Alaska – permanently
Arizona – 7 years
Arkansas – 5 years
California – 10 years
Colorado – permanently
Connecticut – 10 years
Delaware – permanently
D.C. – 15 years
Florida – 5 years for second offense, 10 years for third offense
Georgia – 10 years
Hawaii – 5 years
Idaho – 10 years
Illinois – 5 years
Indiana – permanently
Iowa – permanently
Kansas – permanently
Kentucky – 5 years
Louisiana – 10 years
Maine – 10 years
Maryland – 5 years
Massachusetts – permanently
Michigan – 7 years for second offense, permanently for third offense
Minnesota – 10 years
Mississippi – 5 years
Missouri – 5 years for first offense, permanent for all subsequent offenses
Montana – 5 years
Nebraska – 12 years
Nevada – 7 years
New Hampshire – 10 years
New Jersey – 10 years
New Mexico – permanently
New York – 5 years
North Carolina – 7 years
North Dakota – 5 years for second and third offense, 7 years for fourth and subsequent offenses
Ohio – 6 years
Oklahoma – 10 years
Oregon – 10 years
Pennsylvania – 10 years
Rhode Island – 5 years
South Carolina – 10 years
South Dakota – 10 years
Tennessee – 10 years
Texas – permanently (prior law stated all DUIs remained on record for 10 years, but the new law takes precedence if someone is convicted of a DUI today, regardless of when his or her last conviction was)
Utah – 10 years
Vermont – permanently
Virginia – 10 years
Washington – 7 years
West Virginia – 10 years
Wisconsin – 10 years
Wyoming – 10 years

As you can see, very few states do not penalize for a first conviction and all states have at least a 5-year penalty after the second violation. More and more states seem to be moving to the 10-year penalty or a permanent mark on your record.

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